Why are Canvas Prints so Popular?

What makes the photo collage canvas such a popular style of photo prints? Why is it that more and more people develop the wedding pictures or even some of their travel photos on canvas? Well, there are a few reasons; the most important being that the canvas was not available to the masses some 15 or 20 years ago. Speak of canvas and we could only imagine the art galleries displaying arts of renowned artists. All we could do was fall back on the 6×4 photos and square prints.

In came the 2000’s when it became possible to develop professional photos from the PC but canvas was still a far cry. But the demand of canvas was only growing since there were and there are a large number of people looking to give an overhaul to their home and office space with the help of custom canvas prints. Finally, it became possible with the digital camera technology which brought some real needed innovations like the point and click cameras, then digital SLRs (the big professional looking cameras with interchangeable lenses) and finally the incredible power and convenience of mobile phone camera. Moreover, the canvas prints are best suited for digital prints. They also added to the cost-effectiveness as it is relatively easy to print the canvas photos. As compared to the old school prints which are supposed to be framed in glasses, the canvas prints are tactile in nature meaning they do not need an added layer of glass protection.

At the moment, we are witnessing a tremendous rise in e-commerce. This has added to the suitability of canvas products to be ordered online and ship them anywhere in the country. Thus, the era of having canvas photos has truly begun and therefore we see a massive boom in the canvas prints online. With the rise of e-commerce, canvas prints are no more a photo style for the classes.

If we are to look at the canvas prints that are available online via Pikbuk, you get a wonderful piece of photo printed in the large 12″x12″ high quality print. As mentioned earlier, canvas prints can be stretched thereby making them a beautiful photo on 20 meter into 30 meter molding. To solidify the print, they go through the process of binding on wooden frames. Wooden frames also add a certain amount of artistic finish which we see in the canvas paintings in the art galleries.

Excited to have your favorite photos but you do not know which company to choose? Well, look no further than Pikbuk. We give you more reasons than one to have your best photos turned into custom photo books. We are also available on the app downloading platform giving you the opportunity to kick start the process of getting the canvas prints. All you have to simply do is download our app, select the pictures you wish to get printed and place the order. Once we receive them, we start the magical process of creating  canvas prints that adds to the grandeur of your living room and capture the intricacies.

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