Useful Tips to Make the Birthday Bash Grand on Photo Albums

Kids have the special ability to spread a smile on our faces at any given time. The happiness gets even more signified on their birthday when they excitedly pose for the cake, unwrap the presents. But it is not as easy as it seems when it comes to making a custom photo album as there are many unexpected hurdles such as the continuous hob knobbing of the kids. Therefore, you got to be absolute best with your photography skills. Let us look at the quick tips which can elevate the photos for kids’ birthday.

  1. Plenty of photos– It may be too obvious but we must point it out right at the start. There are going to be people and kids of all shapes and sizes and this adds to the dynamism of the photos you click. So be sure to not make your personalized canvas pictures not restricted to a few guests. Some of the things to look for a few individuals interacting with each other or even a bunch of kids pulling off pranks! This makes for a lot of stock photos.
  2. High-shots- Making a custom photo album is literally about reaching the heights of your photography skills. This can be achieved with high shots and a chair would be your best bet. Use and experiment with some different angles and a view which adds a “wow” factor and captures maximum people in the frame.
  3. Pics of special moments like blowing out candles – The moment when an elated kid blows out the candles, there can be a change in the eventual outcome of the photos as the lit candles give more illumination to the subject’s face. Therefore, you have to put your photography skills to great use and aim for taking a photo of the top of cake and face, keeping the eyes in crisp focus of course. Another smart hack would be that of slowing the shutter speed which would be effective in gathering the ambient light.
  4. Make an inclusive photo frame– Much as the birthday boy/girl is the center of attraction in the personalized picture album, you need to give the attendees and other guests the same amount of due attention. There is no point in having a photo album that does not feature the guests. These photos can also be helpful in making what they call the “backstage shots”. Long story short; they are to show some real candid moments.
  5. Consider the ISO & Shutter Speed– By and large, the thumb rule has been that the ISO speed for indoors should hover between 400-800 ISO throughout the party if indoors. But this may not be the ideal settings for rooms or a set up which is brightly lit or even outdoors. It is rather advisable to go for manual adjustments of the ISO for specific situations.

Photograph albums are more of a source of enormous memories and the best output of the photos should always be up for display. Do not restrict your photos to your smart phones or Instagram prints. Make it count with photo albums which keep you in joyous mood!

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