The Photo Canvas, An Option Original Wall Decoration On A Classy Support

Need an idea of original wall decor, personalized and cheap? Let yourself be seduced by the favorite solution of the moment: the picture canvas! Fully customizable, the photo on canvas conquers our interior spaces to make our holiday memories and our favorite images of real works of art.

The Photo Canvas, An Option Original Wall Decoration On A Classy Support

The photographic print on canvas or canvas is one of the latest trends in interior decoration. A technique through which it is possible to transfer onto the classic canvas used in painting any photographic image. The result is amazing. Every day more is what happens to this technique to decorate their homes getting a modern style while high quality. Until a few years back it was an object that was not available to anyone but in recent times customize your home with your photographs and a touch of style is something that is available to everyone. But why choose to print on canvas? We give you three reasons:

Quality: selecting the fabric as a surface for your photographs offers you the same variety that great artists look for in their paintings. The material and wooden structure will provide you with 100% quality.

Duration: a direct fruit of the use of high-quality materials, but also the processes that are followed for their production. The photo collage canvas follows a process, which thanks to different techniques, favors the duration of your photographs over time with all its color characteristics.

Aesthetics: for many the main reason to choose canvas. The interiors of any home win with the touch of style offered by the canvases.

If these three characteristics (quality, duration, and aesthetics) have convinced you, surely now what you want is information to know what you have to look for to obtain the best result when you print your photographs on canvas. Here are three features that should not be overlooked:

  • Look for non-synthetic cloths.
  • Ask them to include some scratch protection treatment.
  • The size of the frame is essential.

The structure must incorporate a hanger to place your photographs where you want, thus avoiding additions that can damage the fabric.

The photo canvas print is based on the principle of photo transfer on artistic canvas

Like photo printing on Halide paper, the law of custom canvas photo printing is a relatively new technology. It permits us to print his favorite image on a specific medium, similar to the paintings and paintings of the great masters. It is, therefore, a wall decoration solution that will seduce those who dream of dressing their walls with style!

Today, many websites offer best canvas prints through apps directly. The canvas itself is mounted on a wooden frame. It is also equipped with a hanging system that facilitates its attachment to the wall. Quick and comfortable, the ordering process consists of uploading your photo on the site you have chosen and selecting the size of the product and its finish (effects, type of frame, and thickness of the chassis). All this in just a few clicks!

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