The Essentials of a Perfect Family Photo Frame

The family photos are the most heartwarming set of images that one can have on their walls. The most callous and the playful moments centering on your kids can be the best wall art you can think of. That said we all know that in the age of the camera phone, it can be tricky to decide which photos to frame and how to display them. So we give you a step by step idea of how to select and frame the Photo Gifts for your loved ones.

  1. Organize Your Snaps– First things first; take inventory of your photos. You probably already have a few favorite images in mind. A quick trick for narrowing down photos is to look in your apps folders in Photos on your phone. Photo editing apps like pikbuk and even Instagram will often automatically save your edited photos to a special album. If you took the time to edit the photo, you probably already love it. Search these albums first. Create a semblance of order by starting a new folder to house your favorites. Title it “Favorite Family Photos” and add your top contenders to this album as you scroll through your feed. From there, your search will be much easier to contain.
  2. Decide on a Theme– Choose whether you want to frame photos clicked by a professional photographer, candid iPhone pics from everyday life, or images from a certain event, like a family vacation. Once you have a rough idea of what you’re looking for, you can start to play with how these photos might work with one another to tell a story. A series of four photos displaying your kid’s journey or candid family photographs that capture the mischievous play of your kids can be a fun way to create and energetic gallery wall. Or you can design a more formal display with professionally shot photos. Both have their merits. Just think about your style, and where you might want to hang the photos.
  3. Always go for quality– Really the only hard and fast rule is to choose photos you love and photos that can be printed at high enough quality. Luckily, we’ll check the quality of your photo when you upload them to the framing flow. For reference, most iPhone photos (especially when taken in clear light) can be printed as large as 32×40”, depending on the offering by the online photo editor.

Tips to frame family photos on the wall

  1. Choose a spot in your home– Consider where you might want to hang your piece. For example, if you want a display above your couch, consider one large piece or a dramatic gallery created from smaller pieces. Looking to fill an awkward nook? Consider a stack of Instagram prints. We pulled together some inspiration below.
  2. Choose your arrangement– The first thing you might be asked by the How many photos are you framing? If you’re framing more than a couple, we recommend our collection of curated gallery walls Just drag and drop your photos for an ideal arrangement that’s easy to hang thanks to our life-sized hanging guide.  If you’re only framing one or two, think about where you would like to place them. For instance, Instagram prints are charming but they may not be used as wall art and would be placed in the bedroom table instead.
  3. Pick your size– Once you have an arrangement in mind, you can choose your size and frame styles. Once you have a photo you want to frame, we’ll help you check how large you can print it. Just upload the images online photo editor and they can assist you in regards to the maximum dimensions you can print at to preserve the image resolution. It must be noted that the option to print a large photo should be utilized only when necessary. Playful selfies and Instagram photos are great in small frames. High resolution family photos like DSLR photos look awesome when styled in a diptych (especially in black and white).

No more are online photo editors difficult to find. With the age of smartphone revolution moving thick and fast toward the next decade, you are more likely to find out more of such apps which would make the availability of personalized albums online easier than ever.

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