Some Simple Tips For Your Customized Pikbuk Photobook

Yes- of course, we wonder, why create photo books? Some may have a boring memory of old dusty albums and prefer to view snapshots on a computer or television screen. Well, of course, it does not work every time. And then the media evolve very quickly. But again: the technological tools are dematerialized, complex or not accessible everywhere.

You’ll understand, and even the latest studies show- Nothing replaces a souvenir photo book! Quality, sustainable and accessible to all in the blink of an eye, it will be an ideal support for a family sharing moments sometimes forgotten.

Some Simple Tips For Your Customized Pikbuk Photobook1

New possibilities are available to you, we have covered themes that you may not have thought of. Here are some great ideas for:

  • Keep, archive memorable moments of life,
  • Share with family or friends,
  • Offer a gift to loved ones (families, friends, colleagues, students).

The little class book– It includes the class photo, the teacher (with his agreement, the last day of school for example!), Friends and girlfriends, end of year activities, school trips, newsletters (to reframe on the best notes of course), the holiday season etc. You can also get pikprints that are printed over silver halide paper. These pictures have timeless quality that is unmatched to any digital image.

The seasonal photo book– (for example: “Spring 2018”) with beautiful shots of your daily landscape (nature in the forest or park, city or village, activities, walks, seasonal dishes, parties etc.). Our photobooks are printed over Spanish art paper that lets interpret and show the exact shades and colors as that of nature.

The book of the year which traces the great moments– This is the choice of lazy people who do not often sort their photos: you have to sort at least once a year holiday photos, birthdays, parties, outings! Otherwise beware of the loss of unsaved photos or drowned in the mass.

The Valentine’s Day album– An original gift! In love, to maintain the flame, you have to know how to surprise your half and to highlight it, always. Show your union in a romantic or humorous light, all shades are allowed. You can customize the images and add text to send small message your beloved.

Let yourself be surprised by the professional quality of the cover and the inside pages, thanks to the choice of an optimal paper.

Albums to invent?

The multiple cover pic options of the Photobook printing are completely free. Consider including the passion of a person you would like to make a personalized gift that will go straight to her heart. Or treat yourself by compiling all that relates to what you like yourself!

A new creative hobby to occupy children?

You do not always know how to occupy and interest a child? Make the cover of a photo book, choose the format, and write a few lines of legends. It is an opportunity to involve children by teaching them to master new technologies.

For the little ones, sorting photos is a moment of pleasure and allows them to verbalize what they see in pictures. This is the best way to teach them to speak well, to say what they see, feel and think. You develop their emotional intelligence.

It’s up to you to adapt the activity to their abilities. Trust the children, you will not regret it!

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