Photos As Posters: The Eye-Catcher On Every Wall

Decorate your walls with your most beautiful photos: With Pikbuk, you transform your favorite pictures into stylish posters and murals that make every wall an eye-catcher. Keep unforgettable memories alive and re-encounter them every day. We offer a vast variety of ways to get the most out of your photos and put them in the right format on the wall. With our free design software, you can quickly make posters from pictures and effectively stage them.

Photos As Posters

Whether you want to put photos of your last trip or beautiful family photos in the limelight: photo printing on tiles bring out every motif in style. Illuminated on real premium photo paper, your photos shine as posters in brilliant colors and exceptional sharpness. Use our image optimization to optimize colors and brightness and to bring your motif into focus once again. The high-quality picture quality turns every poster into an eye catcher on the wall.

At the same time, you can enjoy a first-class price-performance ratio at our website, so that you can order exclusive posters from us at a small price. The high light resistance of our signs ensures that you will enjoy your wall decoration for a long time.

High-quality photo poster in different sizes and variants

Various formats are available as posters for your photos. Whether small format or large format posters – you decide how you want to bring your pictures to the walls. For individual shots in landscape format, we recommend our panorama posters, which you can order in the aspect ratio 1: 3 up to a size of 50 x 150 cm from us. Dreamlike landscapes are even more breathtaking in the XXL formats – and wooden collage photo frames India of celebrations and events are unusually vivacious.

Photo poster behind acrylic and photos on artist canvas

Photo Posters are available in various sizes, as well as in glossy or matt-look at Pikbuk. You can attach the poster directly to the wall or even bring it to effect in a frame. Here, your favorite photos are laminated. So your wall decorations are particularly robust and durable- and achieve a particular effect by the depth effect.

Another alternative to the classic photos as posters are our photo screens: Here, too, you achieve a useful 3D effect and bring a real gallery atmosphere into your living space. Your photos are also printed on canvas in brilliant colors and are incredibly light resistant. Choose between different formats and match your photo canvas to your walls.

Bring your style into your living spaces

Our photo tiles give you plenty of opportunities to conjure an atmospheric ambiance at home. Opt for custom wall decorations that are guaranteed to be second-to-none anywhere – and keep your most beautiful moments alive. Photo posters are also ideal as a gift for dear people. For example, create posters with shared memories or effectively stage the photo of a wedding party.

With our free design software, you can not only design individual photos as posters but also create collages. You can also design entire photo walls easily with Pikbuk: Put together individual photo elements to build a personal photo wall that represents a colorful mix of your most beautiful photos.

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