Photographing Your Child For Personalized Photobook

Immortalizing their children is not an easy thing. We asked the expert for advice on how to make a photo shoot yourself and create the perfect family album

Photographing means setting a moment forever, holding it back to relive its emotions and colors every time nostalgia peeps. This desire to stop time becomes overbearing and turns into need the day when a child arrives in our life. One would like to be able to capture every stage or goal achieved, every smile and every single look.

Any parent has a unique personalized picture album on top of the wish list: the family album.

Anyone dreams of the moment when, with his grown-up children and a few tears that glances over his eyes, he will find himself leafing through glossy and beautiful pages that tell their story.

The reality that we are under the nose, alas, is very different though.

We open the digital archive, the one in which we are collecting photos of our children, and we find ourselves contemplating a portrait against the light of who we do not know well, the close-up of an inch or a belly, a fuzzy smile.

Dozens and dozens of shots and not even one that comes even close to those beautiful photos that are seen in magazines and populate our desires. How is it possible?

The answer is soon given: children live in a state of constant movement, they detest impositions and boredom. Would you ever say that? For those who are fast even the fundamentals of the art of photography, it is not easy to immortalize subjects who have no intention of posing. Let’s say that the photo shoot of dreams often risks turning into an almost impossible undertaking.

Make it fun

This is the golden rule to follow when taking pictures of the little ones. If you want to have shots of children playing, laughing and having fun, then you start playing, joking and laughing engagingly.

Lower yourself to their level.

If you photograph your children standing up, then you will most likely get photographs of their hair and a perspective that will make them look very “short.” Of course, this rule has its exceptions in pictures like the one next to it, where you want to concentrate your attention on the model’s hairstyle.

Take lots of photos.

If you own a digital camera, there is no reason why you should limit yourself to the number of photo book maker, indeed a large number of shots allows you to choose more accurately the best, and above all be patient, because it is likely that the right photograph is the 150th at the end of the day, and not the first.

For the shyest

Choose a location that is familiar to them and in which they feel comfortable so that they are not disturbed by their surroundings (as well as by the camera). Get started with any activity, before you start taking pictures, and if necessary, equip yourself with telephoto lenses to take photos from a greater distance and do not disturb the child’s tranquility.

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