Mistakes to Avoid While Hanging Large Canvas Photos

canvas photos

Wall art, the word brings the picture of some really gorgeous canvas prints which is considered to be an essential part of interior decorating. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your style with and make your house feel like a home. While there’s a lot of room for creativity with affordable canvas prints, we are likely to make a few mistakes. Keep reading for 6 mistakes to avoid when hanging artwork so.

  1. Hanging the art too high– Hanging artwork too high is an extremely common mistake which many of us have committed at some point. More than the visual discomfort and the pain it causes in the neck just to have a look, artwork that is hung above eye level can make the walls feel as though they’re looming over you.
  2. All matched up! – It is fine if you are having a blast with your color palette, in fact if you have a There’s nothing wrong with having a color palette; the rooms look really dapper in most of the personalized canvas art. Therefore you can always have an art work or a collection of canvases that being fresh appeal with its varied hues. Most importantly it is important to met out the style that reflects your room and the desired décor. Never forget to bring the flexibility in the overall appeal in your room.
  3. Not hanging the photos correctly– Are you doing the unforgivable mistake of hanging the photos with a solitary nail? If so then prepare to see your square prints falling on the floor and getting destroyed as every time you slam a door, it’s immediately knocked askew. Therefore it is only better to ensure that you have the correct tools to hang the photos on the wall and also the hardware that fixes them completely.
  4. Only hanging it on walls- Technically, they are the first place to go to. But it is also a nice idea to thin out of the box to leave a lasting impact with your photos. You can lean a couple of pieces of art on top of your mantle, on your window sills, bookshelves, dressers, or even stair landings. Leaning rather than hanging your art helps in the creation of the dimension and interest while giving the room a casual, relaxed feel. What is the added benefit? Well, it’s easy to change your artwork around without having to worry about unsightly nail holes.
  5. Disregarding scale- A single wooden frame photograph looks hideous on a huge wall and a large canvas wall art in a relatively small wall might make you feel claustrophobic. To decide when and where to display your photos, do not lessen the value of scaling of the space, and make sure that the wall art you select is the appropriate size.

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