How To Photograph A Close-Up Without Making A Mistake?

In photography, there are different types of shots: full figure, an American plane, medium plane, half-body, first floor, very first floor.

The first floor frames the face of a person starting from the shoulders. Landscapes will have their charm, but the emotions that can arouse a look on a person’s face in a picture in the foreground is unmatched.

Discover how to be able to take a lovely picture in the foreground, to be used in a resume or to turn into a real work of art by transforming it in a photo collage square!

Tips for taking a perfect close-up photo!

When you shoot a beautiful photo of a landscape to be able to grasp its beauty, you can have fun changing frames or looking for details that convey the beauty.

When you want to take a nice close-up all the beauty and soul of the photo reside in the eyes of the person in front of you, it’s up to you to catch it.

For this reason, we want to give you some useful and straightforward advice to succeed in your mission to take a lovely first floor!

  1. The right frame

When you try your hand at the delicate art of photographing a person in the foreground, always remember to keep the camera at eye level, because that’s the focal point of the image you’re going to get. Of course, you can take close-ups even “playing” with the shots from improbable angles, you would get beautiful photos but not a close-up from the manual! Furthermore, the displaced frame would divert the focus from the subject.

  1. The background

As above, even in this case, it is necessary not to “distract”: the background for online photo book printing India should be as neutral as possible, or you would risk “absorbing” the subject from the background.

  1. The light

Lighting is the key to an interesting foreground! For example, the light that enters through a window and hits a face gives an almost ethereal appearance to the subject — excellent use of panels that spread light homogeneously on the face, creating perfect shadows.

But also letting your face be “struck” by the light only from a precise angle can help you get incredible shots!

  1. The subject

Never ask the subject to smile on command or the photo will be fake.

Start chatting with him, talk about a funny topic and let him smile naturally! The naturalness is essential to take a close-up not flat and able to communicate true emotions.

Also, remember that even if the body does not appear in the picture, the posture affects a person’s face and therefore the final result: a hunched back and curved shoulders will not transmit happiness and strength to the image!

  1. “Tricks” of the trade

Here are some useful tips for beauty: ask the subject to bring the nose closer to the machine, doing so will stretch the muscles and skin of the face and neck that will immediately appear smoother and more toned! It will only take a centimeter!

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