How To Hang A Canvas With A Photo On The Wall In The Apartment

Before placing the photo in its place, you need to provide some details. Backlight. Lighting plays a vital role in the perception of photography. Often in museums, lamps are placed above each painting. And in the apartment, the best option will be the sources of natural light. You can add extra lighting if you want to select a wall with a photo or eliminate glares. In this case, use LED lights. Their advantage is that they give a directional light and do not heat up. Please note that the illumination of painting objects should not exceed 150 lux. To obtain light of such a force, you can use a 100 W incandescent lamp or a 20 W fluorescent lamp. The distance from the lamp to the picture – at least one meter.

Height. The correct location of the picture on the wall is also essential for its perception. So, if you place the best canvas prints very high, it will be inconvenient to look at it. To choose the right place on the wall for your photo on canvas, you need to present the line at a distance of three centimeters above the bottom edge of the picture and when placing it, place this “line” at eye level. If the room has low ceilings, then the distance should be increased to six centimeters.

Orientation. Vertically oriented paintings visually increase the ceiling, they should be placed on a narrow wall, and horizontal – lengthen the wall. Their best place is above the sofa, chest of drawers, bed. If there are several photographs on canvas in an apartment, it is not necessary to frame them with a baguette of the same type. A suitable option is different neutral frames for each of the photos. Together they will go well together.

Tilt angle. The degree of adhesion of the blade to the wall can be adjusted by tensioning or loosening the attachment rope.

Grouping if on a large wall you want to place several photos on a small-sized canvas, it is better to do this as a group, placing one photo in the center to your taste. Combine photos according to a common external feature: a photo of a similar style or one color range. It is important to remember that the picture, which occupies a central position, is central to the composition. Photos of the same format are traditionally placed on the same line equidistant from each other. For the original composition, they can be placed at different levels. An exciting idea for placing photos in any room is a continuous trellis group when the paintings fill the entire wall. But the location of a large number of photos in order of increasing or decreasing the size is highly undesirable.

It is good to use brackets for placing photos on canvas. Calculate the height of the canvas photo print as described above. Mark, the place of attachment of the picture, putting it on the wall. Make holes for the anchor screw in the designated areas: for this, use a thin drill bit or a nail and hammer. Insert the anchor screw into the hole and tighten it with a screwdriver. The mount is ready; you can hang a photo!

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