How to Hang Segmented Canvas Prints or Piktiles?


The space seems empty and uncomfortable if there are no decor elements in it. One of the most accessible ways to revitalize and decorate the interior are paintings. Pick up a picture for the interior today is not difficult.

The market presents all kinds of options: oil paintings, pencil or pastel, paintings on canvas and glass, paintings based on photographs and reproductions of paintings by famous artists, modular paintings and paintings made to order.

Acquired picture is important to hang correctly, because a competent layout affects the perception of the work and its safety.

If with the placement of one picture, as a rule, there is no difficulty, then the location on the wall of a modular picture, can cause certain difficulties. Here are some guidelines for how to hang a photo collage canvas (a picture of several parts):

  1. The location of the modular pattern on the wall depends on the number of segments or parts. So, the center of the diptych (paintings from two parts) should be placed between the paintings; the center of the triptych (paintings from three parts) falls on the middle segment, and the center of the polyptych depends on the number of modules in the picture.
  2. Arrange the pieces of the painting against the wall – this will help you visually imagine how and where the work will be located.
  3. Determine the distance between the modules – from 2 to 4 cm, depending on the size of the modules, the thickness of the stretcher and the size of the wall. So, for a small wall, you should not order a large picture, because large segments require a larger distance between them.
  4. Regardless of the type of segmentation (horizontal or vertical), the location of the parts, the pattern modules must hang strictly parallel to each other.
  5. Accuracy of the location is of particular importance with the modular pattern with the displacement, when parts of the work are at a different level relative to each other. In this case, measure the height of the modules offset in advance.
  6. Modular pictures should not hang too high or too low, because in either case the perception process will be distorted. The ideal height is considered to be 150 cm from the floor level. Another way is to hold an imaginary line on the wall at eye level, arrange the picture so that this line intersects it in the middle.

To prevent the modules from fading, try to protect them from direct sunlight. Ideally, the pictures need a backlight, and to avoid problems of shadow and glare, you need a backlight for each individual module.

Now you know how to hang a custom canvas print, so that it will please you and your guests as much as possible.

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