Getting Things Right for your Wedding Photos

It’s the biggest day of your life and the best way to document this journey would be some incredible shots from your wedding day. Whether you have already tied the knot or about to walk down the aisle in near future, this piece will have you covered. If you are in two minds with regard to what shots you need to finalize on, we can clear the air of confusion. Here is the assorted advice on how you can make your Custom Photo Books worthwhile forever.

Achieving the Shot

Have an idea of what you want going into your wedding shoot. Each shot can serve a different purpose when you’re deciding which ones to frame and hang in your home and which ones to give as gifts to your wedding party.  The shot that you just cannot miss is a pulled-back photo of the couple that shows off the wedding venue. If you only frame one wedding photo, this is it. During your shoot, take the time to get it right.

For the record, do not try to do away with a photograph taken with your parents. This may feel like a given, but a photo you and your mom together on your wedding day will make the perfect customized gift to let her know her significance in the big day of your life. A photo of the whole family together will become a piece of family’s delight, the sort of photo your grandchildren will hold with awe someday.

Take a photo with your whole wedding party where everyone looks good. You can frame this one in a classic size and give it as a gift to each person your wedding party as a thank you for being part of your big day. How do you do it? It’s simple. Just place your order and upload the photo on the pikbuk app and see your photos get framed. The designers at pikbuk will frame each copy and send it to the door of your recipient, a super easy and effortlessly classy gift.

How to frame your photos

For wedding photos that you want to display in your own home, there are several ways to approach the framing. Because the framing is custom, you have full control over what frame, how big you want to print your photo, and mat colors. All said and done, if your heart still set on the classics like square prints then there is a plenty of well-carved designs and sizes available in personalized photo albums online.

For a gallery wall of wedding photos, you can always count on the canvas prints. It’s perfect above a couch, bed, or dining room table. The sheer size of the images offers a visually dramatic way to show off your wedding photos. For a canvas print, it is recommended you focus on photos of just you and your spouse. Try a soft, intimate shot of the couple smiling at one another paired with a photo of your clasped hands that shows off your rings and a pulled-back shot of the venue for a balanced, beautiful display. Think ones of you with your mom and dad, one with the wedding party, a few classic close-ups of you and your new spouse, and some of the wedding venue. It’s a tasteful, stress-free way to get the photos you love up on the wall.

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