Family Photographs and Segmented Canvas Prints

If the family is essential for you too, understanding, warm and cozy house, then this post can be useful to you.

In every house where love and harmony reign, there is a unique atmosphere that is felt literally from the doorway – you come in and realize that you are at home. This atmosphere is created by cozy little things, objects that reflect care and love and, of course, a good mood of the homosexuals.

If you think about what things bring the desired coziness and sense of home to space, then it turns out that the critical role is played by photographs and paintings that hang on the walls. After all, the walls occupy most of the room, and the view continually slides over them. And when the eye encounters the bright images of loved ones or beautiful landscapes, then involuntarily there will be a smile and warmth.

Therefore, if you want to bring even more warmth into the house if you’re going to please your relatives and friends, and you want to have a good mood at home and love, order beautiful photos or favorite pictures and decorate your house with them. Why store good memories with a digital cargo on a computer or in social networks? Let them better please the eye every morning and charge the whole family with a positive for the entire day. Why not print your favorite picture if it leads you to the desired state?

Take pictures and images today, and in a few days, you can have a welcome atmosphere in your house. The main thing is not to postpone this business in the long box 🙂

We continue to talk about interior design. And today it will be a question of segmented pictures and their application at registration of interiors. The segmented or modular image consists of several parts – two, three, four or more. It all depends on the choice and preferences of the customer. The main thing is that all the elements of the whole work are connected by a common idea. It is only natural that this type of paintings is performed in a sufficiently large amount.

Historically, the emergence of segmented paintings associated with notebooks of antiquity, consisting of several plates, fastened together. The inner side of these plates was intended for writing, but the outer one was skillfully decorated. In modern design, segmented pictures occupy a worthy place.

Segmented or photo collage canvas is a unique decoration for the interiors of hotels and hotels, apartments and houses, as well as offices and restaurants. The advantages of such paintings in their originality, unobtrusiveness, scale, which will amaze your guests.

The forms of execution of segmented paintings on canvas can be different:

  1. A single work (picture or photo), divided into several parts.
  2. Two or more paintings that are independent works, but made in one artistic or color style
  3. Horizontal or vertical segmentation of pictures
  4. Different size and position of segments on the wall

The beauty of canvas picture print, in their ability to impart a modern style to any room. Laconic forms of modules and originality of performance give the room a new sound.

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