Do More of the Innovations with Square Prints

The idea of having your photos printed in squares is not a new one. What is new is that they can now be turned into a photo gifts for your loved ones with the help of Pikbuk! Square prints are the everlasting formats in the world of photography, the most popular being 4″x6″ and 5″x7″. These are more like everyday prints which you can display on the wall or even in the desk with the help of a wood or a metal bar. It is also one of the most underrated display items as a countertop display. This can be done pretty simply using nothing but metal clips. Here is what you need to do. Just line the square photo prints up and clip the bottom of the print and align the flat edge of the clip along your surface.

There is simply no denying of the fact that quite a few of us are largely dependent on scotch tapes to fix anything strongly against the wall. Well, why not photos too then? Even better we can also use washi tapes which can add a border to the square prints or a background. Give more of detailing if you can by using the tiny rice lights of different colors which can always add a mood for festivity.

Square prints are also seen as a surprise gift for many. The reason being that they are pretty thin and light thanks to the halide paper used by the square photo prints online india which also add to their longevity. Now, coming back to the square prints being surprises, it has been a tradition to put a photograph with a sweet note that you give to your kids and beau. The square prints have the ability t o spring a surprise without being overtly grand like a canvas painting or even a custom photo canvas for that matter.

Square prints have literally got a revived boost in the age of Instagram prints as they make the photos shot on a tour or even a birthday bash look extremely impressive. The online photo book maker are now offering the most intricate photography effect which create bold, rich blacks for better contrast. And if you, by chance happen to be one of those who fret a lot about the quality of the prints over a certain period of time, you are merely being stressed for no reason. For pikbuk develops these prints using fade proof inks, scratch and water resist and coats for a finish that look rich and make you go wow.

Innovation in the world of photography had largely been on the slower side back in the day. Though we did get much advancement in terms of the equipment like cameras and storage devices for the photos captured, there was this void created due to lack of a platform which could give us photographs processed in the versatile styles and even on wooden frames.

But now, we at pikbuk have arrived! Our app gives you the fanciest and the most versatile of choices not just for developing square prints but also other formats of photographs based on size and even occasions. It is time you downloaded our app and ordered your first square photo prints and see creativity unfold in your memories.

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