Deco Ideas: Walls ‘Framed’

Decorating the walls based on paintings is a practical, economical and extremely personal resource.

We have already commented on numerous occasions how important the walls are when decorating the house. Because they are like the canvas on which furniture and decorative pieces are placed. Well, pictures and photo frames are an excellent decorative resource. Especially if you put a composition on the wall with them.

Of course, you’re wondering how to do it. If there is a basic rule or you have to get carried away by instinct. “There are endless options. You can put in them many elements, photos, photo tiles online, memories, cutlery, and any object that suggests something and even leave them empty and that they alone, decorate. You have absolute freedom when choosing shapes; you can combine square frames with round or rectangular. Or put one form inside another. How beautiful is an oval frame in the center of a square! You have to unleash your creativity.”

The idea is to look for a balance in the composition, that is to say, a certain symmetry in the set that offers a sensation of unity and serenity”. How do you do that? Try to leave the same distance between them, and this distance must also keep a certain proportionality with the space in which you place the composition. That is, if space is small, for example, a corner of our room, the distance between the frames will be small too. And if it is a large space, we will have more freedom when separating them.

You are probably wondering what the ideal size for this type of compositions is. The size of the wooden collage photo frames India will also be related to space where they are located. A large space will allow placing larger frames. If we want to place smaller frames, we must have more units, so they do not get lost.

Regarding the place where these compositions can be made, again there are few rules. A set of old mirrors, which do not stop being frames with moons, can decorate our living room or our hall.” But there is an area where it has become a very common resource: the corridors. Especially the narrows, which do not allow many perspectives or many objects with volume.

The children’s room also offers many options regarding the reasons to frame. For example, the best or most significant drawings or pictures of your children; the first clothes of your baby, his first photos, and his first personal objects. All this will inspire great tenderness in those who see it, especially in yourself.

It is not important to know whether you have a budget or not. Because if it is very tight, you have the option of “stripping old frames, painting them in different colors, or even leaving them with that patina that gives us the time. Those convoluted moldings can give us a retro feel to the room.

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