Creative Ways To Showcase Your Instagram Photos

Do not store the best Instagram moments on your phone forever. Use them with a hint of imagination, and brighten your home with your creations.

Instagram is the network par excellence where to publish our best shots; it would be foolish to keep them on your phone without ever using them! We have imagined nine creative ways to highlight your Instagram feed that will also have a great effect in your home: Many ideas are available on our mobile app to allow you to upload photos directly from your Instagram feed. For projects that require the online authoring tool, you can import your Instagram photos to your computer to create photo books.

Create a mosaic wall decoration

Our mosaic layout was specifically designed with the idea of the Instagram thread. You can now present from 4 to 81 photos on the same square wall decoration thanks to our grid design.

Create a layout for wall decor

Since not all Instagram photos are square, you will probably need to create a custom layout if you want to include portrait and landscape photos in your wall decor. Just choose the dimensions of your wall decor, the number of Instagram photos to present and the appropriate format. You can also create spaces between photos, adjusting margins, or add a background of color by browsing our large collection of backgrounds.

Create your photo wall

A photo wall has the advantage of being easy to create and to highlight your Instagram photos. We advise you to create 4 to 9 distinct wall decors (ideally 20 x 20 in size) and then hang them on your wall as a grid. Use the same material for all your wall decorations if you want a clearer rendering; select several different ones, however, for a more eclectic rendering.

Make photo prints from your Instagram feed

This is the perfect way to transpose your Instagram feed to a wall. Print photos directly from your phone and place them on the wall in the order they appear on Instagram. You can also update your photo wall as you go by adding new prints every few months.

Show yourself creatively with retro prints

They give you the option to add captions to the bottom of your photos, just like on Instagram! Are you a fan of retro prints?

Create a small square photo book

A small personalized photo album remains the ideal alternative to present your Instagram photos, which do not require optimal quality. Why not create a photo book that brings your Instagram photos together every year? Indicate on each year corresponding to present them nicely in your interior. Limit yourself to one photo per page and add a caption and date – or even interesting comments from friends. Read our easy guide to creating a photo book if you do not know where to start.

Compile your Instagram moments in a large photo book

Make a large photo book with all your best Instagram photos. You can opt for a photo cover and add a collage reproducing your Instagram feed. You also have the choice to display either a different photo per page or three per page, with captions, defining the desired layout.

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