Capture Your Holidays Without Missing Anything

We all love taking pictures to review and relive the emotions of our most beautiful moments spent with family, friends, on vacation at the beach or in front of a tree on the morning of the eve.

If you are finding some ideas to tidy up the thousands of photos taken in recent years, keep reading this article: you will find many ideas to order and print your photos!

Capture Your Holidays Without Missing Anything

How many gigs of digital photos do you shoot every year?

Inevitably you find yourself with computers, USB sticks and hard drives full of photos that you often never see because you should first make a selection, then order them, and to show them to your friends you should turn on the computer, find the right hard drive, connect cables, etc.

Here is the solution

It would be much easier to review all your photos in the photobook, always available on the bookshelf in the living room.

The secret: learn to select immediately

If possible, at least for the next time, get in the habit of choosing and ordering the photos that you take directly: eliminate blurred and the same ones. Then highlight the shots that you think should be printed, framed or should be converted to best canvas prints!

The holidays are approaching, and you cannot wait to leave? Take with you everything you need to click lots of beautiful photos!

Sea, mountain or city of art? Follow our five simple tips, and you’ll be ready for anything!

Ready Set Go!

A few days before the start, when the house is invaded by suitcases, in the confusion and enthusiasm of the departure, keep a little ‘time to prepare everything you need to take many beautiful photos this summer!

Here are our five simple tips that will not make you wrong!

  1. Check of the machine

Check that the camera is fully functional as well as the battery charger.

  1. Check of the SD

Be sure to empty all the SD you bring on vacation, and then not to find yourself with insufficient space to take more pictures, because you forgot to remove those of your son’s birthday two months before!

  1. “More is better.”

Better not to risk remaining without a camera in the middle of a lost island or on top of a mountain: get at least two batteries for your camera, and always keep them loaded. The same goes for SD, the more you can take, the better!

Also remember to put an adapter too, if you go to a country that uses voltages and outlets other than ours.

  1. Protection, even for your camera!

Regardless of what your holiday destination is, do not forget to bring everything you need to transport and keep your camera safe. You’re especially careful about water and sand!

  1. Order

Since you will probably take hundreds of photos during your holiday, if you have the opportunity to bring a PC with you, in the evening or at least every other day, organize, divide and select the photos you have already taken.

Be inspired by your photos: there are endless possibilities to create many beautiful albums!

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