Captivate The Best Moments Of Wedding With These Photography Innovations

Our definition of marriage has come a long way; as have the ways with which we capture the memories of an extravagant wedding on photographs. Gone are the days of quaint photography for it is the era of personalized picture albumĀ and custom canvas prints. Therefore it is best to embrace the latest trends in the industry. There is no better way to enhance your photograph in the most relevant and precise trend that have been doing rounds in the wedding photography industry. Let’s have a look at the trends that have been doing the rounds lately.

  • Authentic Candid Shots– The era of holding on to the poses to get the best shots is long gone. Moreover, the cameras used today are no longer those which come with a film; in this digital world, the cameras have moved to the DSLRs. This gives the flexibility to click as many shots as required before you the photographer gets the right moment in the lens. What is more? The stock photos or rather the not-so-perfect photos also make it to the Personalized Photo Books as candid shots which capture every expression and emotion being expressed by the bride and the groom throughout their special day.


  • Black and White Photography– There is no better way to maximize the artistic appeal of a photograph than using black and white hues. This trend has made a grand comeback across the circles and now it has made its way to the wedding photographs as well. These images remove the focus from the variation in the composition and prompt the viewer to concentrate on the moment captured.


  • Drone shots- Yes, you read that right. Drones are not destined to fly as a gadget for reconnaissance anymore. These days, they give you the ultimate edge to make your wedding photographs a stand out. They are now available at a very reasonable price to capture photos and even HD resolution videos.


  • Choose an unconventional location– This adds more of the novelty factor to your Personalized Photo Books and the best way to achieve this subtlety is by planning your shoots in the most exotic locations for the pre- and post-wedding shoots. A new and creative location brings a lot of uniqueness, raw appeal to capture interesting shots. The environment of a location like the barren islands or a cliff or even the coastline is bound to make an exceptional backdrop for taking amazing pictures.


Create Wedding Hashtags– Oh you better do or else your big day would be far from the social media radar. Instagram prints are a hot property now and you have to be absolutely insane not to include them in your wedding shoot’s blueprint. Once you upload a photograph online using a hashtag, you are likely to become the talk of not just the town but potentially of the world too. They are also a great backup option to retrieve the photos if you lose them.

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