Book of Signatures for Wedding in the Form of Photobook?

A guest wedding book is a perfect idea to immortalize your most important day of life. When preparing the ceremony, it is worth remembering the signature book of your guests that will be a fantastic memory after many years. It will also be an original report of your wedding from the perspective of your guests when the emotions calm down.

If you do not have time or head to design the photo book, ask your friends for help. Just send them your favorite photos. See how easy it is! Do not miss the chance to collect the signatures of your guests on such an important day.

Book of Wedding Signatures in the form of a Photo Book?

To entertain your guests during the wedding party, design a photo book with white pages on which you can write your wishes to you. Do not forget that on the photo paper of Color land it is possible to write, so give your relatives and friends an opportunity to describe their observations of the party! Nothing is simpler!

What Photos to Print on the Wedding Photo Book?

Many couples decide to have a photo shoot for boyfriends, which they can later use in the wedding photo book printing. If you have not had it, look for your favorite photos that you love and use them when designing the signature book for weddings.

What Book to choose?

You can choose a classic or premium photo book. The final result only limits your imagination. But no matter what you choose, each one will give your guests the possibility of releasing their creativity, and you will have a fantastic personalized memory.

Choose Elegance?

If you want your photo book to have the cover in fabric or eco-leather, choose a premium photo book. Think well which one you like the most. For wedding photography, we recommend brocade covers in various colors. Do you prefer a shiny lid with a metallic finish? No problem! On the cover of this photo book there is also a 10x10cm window where you can place your photo. 🙂 All our photo books are available in several formats, so do not limit yourself. Choose from a variety of free templates, with more intense colors or white and subdued, add your photos, but also space for the signatures of your guests. Do not forget that for signatures it is better that the pages of your photo book are clear.

Or the Classic?

If you are not interested in the cover in fabric or eco-leather, choose a classic canvas photo print and decide for yourself how many photos you want to put on the cover. Your photo book of classic wedding signatures may have only one photo on the cover or a collage of your favorite photographs. You can add as many photos as you want.

Ask your guests to leave their wishes in the photo book!

At first, your guests may not know what to write in the photo book. Inspire them and add to the photo book clip arts of hearts or love quotes. Our editor offers many extra options that are worth adding to the white pages or your photos of the wedding session. Choose the decorations that you like the most.

Do not forget to put colored pencils on the table next to your book.  Finally, remember that children may need a little more space for their creations, so do not limit yourself – our photo books can have up to 160 pages to the maximum.

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