7 Tips That can Make Your Product Photography Look Stunning

Product photography is a niche that basically clicks a particular photograph for the purpose of marketing promotions and they may also be used as Instagram prints. No wonder it requires you to be creative and imaginative. Given there are so many things including the product reputation at the market, it is important you know the tips on how to improve your product photography shoot.

1. Avoid Reflections- The reflections can bring pretty dull images that would end up looking unclear as the light would bounce back and forth from the object to be shot. Therefore, you must follow a very simple rule. You need to set up one main light, and then try to use natural light as the basis for your shoot. Of the many reasons why you should avoid any reflection, we list out the three of them.

· There is a significant amount of reduction of the shadows.

· Less reflection means it will create a much softer line in the product you are displaying

· It enables a brighter exposure

2. Use Solid Color Backgrounds- White is the undisputed favorite color for photo canvas exhibition or even for the photographs of different products. On non-availability of the white color, you must stick to a solid color anyway as the light shades of background tend to divert the attention from the products and you end up taking just an ordinary shot. Also try to avoid any add-ons near the background such as a table or a flower vase.

3. Use Proper Lenses- Product photography relies upon the art of shooting the photos at close range. It is obvious that you have the tools to zoom into the product in such a way that the product does not fall prey to distortion in the final photograph. As a matter of fact it is darn important. A lens that shall remove distortion and keep your image sharp is one of the best purchases you will make for your business.

4. Avoid Direct Sunlight- Natural light is always a preferred source for taking photographs of products. True. But one must always avoid taking the photographs in the direct sun. The reason is simple; there is an increase the shadow effects and the harsh lines in your product and that once again makes the product appear unclear.

5. Focus on Side Lighting- This is the best way to create a soft effect on the product and they may also come in a handful if you are to add subtle light to only to accentuate a certain area of the product such as the name or the logo embossed on the same.

6. Use Angles- Never shoot directly on the product for your square prints. Use different and varying angles, right from the 30 degree to the 90 degree mark. Having photos shot from different angles add dimension to your artistry and also helps you in beautifying the products in the naked eye.

7. Use a Shooting Table- If you are having a hard time to position and to settle the product especially when they are big in size, a shooting table becomes an obvious investment. It is made of Plexiglas that also gives you the option to tweak the background settings using an online photo editor. You may also add a strobe light to the bottom of the shooting table with an umbrella. This helps in the creation of the right amount of lighting for your product shoot.

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