6 Valuable Tips For Printing Photos On Canvas

Many photographers ask us for information on the printing of their works: they are their customers who ask for clarifications and obviously these questions are turned to us printers. The choice of support will then influence the decision on how to approach the photo shoot. Many customers like canvas prints: in six simple steps we can see how you can prepare images optimized for this final product.

1) Dimensions. The most requested dimensions for canvas prints start from 20 × 30 cm up to 100 × 150 cm. Maintaining good contrast and clarity for these dimensions is closely related to the high resolution that can be obtained from the camera, 240 dpi should be the minimum from which to start.

2) Resolution. Before presenting the image for printing, check it with Photoshop. The more pixels there are, the better it is for large prints: it is indeed possible to obtain a large printed canvas even if the resolution starts at 100 dpi.

3) Saturation. The photo collage canvas tends to absorb the ink: to show the bright colors it is preferable to enrich the saturation in the graphic processing phase, otherwise the prints will tend to take on characteristics like pastel effect, with more subdued colors than other rigid printing media.

4) Contrast. Increasing the contrast and color saturation is a very effective technique to make the image “pop”. Obviously the details of photography are important, the correct exposure is essential to maintain the details of the lights and the shadows. For a good print of the portraits, it is very important not to exaggerate during the editing phase on the skin and in general the print on color canvas gives better visual results than the one in black and white.

5) Wide or narrow photo? In portraits we must keep in mind that part of the image perimeter will fall in the frame or in the frame, so to avoid that some important parts of the image are lost, we advise you to keep them slightly wide in the shots. In most cases it is sufficient to take a step back from the trigger point or use a wide angle to include more room. Always in this regard, it is important to always try to maintain or search for a clean and orderly background that does not distract attention from the main subject.

6) Angulations. Some people like to take portraits with the camera tilted. This technique should be avoided for canvas prints online because it gives a feeling of instability and risks becoming a breaking point in the unity of the home or office furniture.

The print on canvas is a fine print. In addition to quality inks, which ensure professional online printing services, the type and quality of the image you want to use is also important.

Check the image you have chosen for printing on canvas

Always check that at the edges of the image you want to print on canvas there are no important details. The edges of the canvas are folded on the edges of the frame of the board. The details of the photograph on the edges will therefore not be visible.

Bright and colorful photos

Choose bright-colored photographs. The surface of the canvas does not reflect light in the same way as glossy printing paper, it absorbs the light more and makes the colors appear less bright. This is why your photos should not have too dark areas of shade.

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