5 Ideas For Your Photos At Home Or In The Office

A memory, something that has stayed with you or represents your company: printing photographs or images on a panel allows you to relive them every day.

A photograph is, above all, a memory. An image that makes you return to the past and relive moments maybe forgotten that evokes sensations or that represents a critical moment of your life. These snapshots can be printed on canvas. We have already talked about the various kinds of panel photo printing, but to print memories or images that matter to us, an excellent option is the photo frames.

Custom paintings on canvas: 5 ideas

With such a vast variety of custom canvas prints, you can create anything, so it’s time to unleash your imagination. It is true that the first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly essential moments, such as a wedding, a graduation or the horizon of a big city; nothing prevents you from printing that kind of photographs, but what makes a photo frame unique is, precisely, the story and the personal touch that each one can give to his creation. What we propose to you are also beautiful ideas, for creative use of these photographic paintings, which, with luck, may provoke that spark that triggers your imagination.

  • Your trips: it does not have to be a trip around the world or far from home: it depends on the person you are traveling with. It could even be a quiet weekend or a period during which something extraordinary happened. If the trips are more than one, including those that you have made alone, different moments of your adventure could be printed in the photo frames as if it were a puzzle of travel around the world.


  • The people you never forget: You’ll have thousands of contacts in all kinds of social networking, or live a busy life, but all have at least one person, even if only to be in your memory, that we will never forget. It can be a father or a mother, a love or a friend. You will surely have one or several pictures of that one person, and surely there will be one in which you will be together, that you could print in one or several panels of photo frames. Not a simple photograph on the bedside table, but a large canvas to look at every day to remember that particular person.


  • Your family, whatever it is: your family is the people with whom you feel good. It can be your dog, a childhood friend with whom you have not lost contact or just who has raised you. In this case, for example, you can select the format in three square panels with two motifs on the sides and, in the center, something that unites you or united you in the past.


  • Your brand: whether you work as a freelancer using your home or business as an office, a photo frame that transmits the image of your brand can make a difference for yourself that you must believe in your ideas and the strength of your brand, as for the values that your company embodies. Whether a store, a waiting room, the “no place” par excellence, or the stand of a right, a photo frame with an attractive image can distinguish you from the rest and convey your vision and your brand.


Your achievements: First of all, you have to love yourself so that others love you. An impression on custom photo books with your face or even with a composition of details of your body (the eyes, for example) is like having the snapshot of a mirror with your printed image. Beware, of course, with the excess of narcissism: do not go to print your face in a photo frame for vanity, but rather for an achievement you’ve achieved in the past. Self-esteem without arrogance is the key.

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